Class RDoc::RDoc
In: rdoc/rdoc.rb
Parent: Object
Exception RDocError RDoc C_Parser Module: RDoc

Encapsulate the production of rdoc documentation. Basically you can use this as you would invoke rdoc from the command line:

   rdoc =

where args is an array of strings, each corresponding to an argument you'd give rdoc on the command line. See rdoc/rdoc.rb for details.

Public Instance methods

Format up one or more files according to the given arguments. For simplicity, argv is an array of strings, equivalent to the strings that would be passed on the command line. (This isn't a coincidence, as we do pass in ARGV when running interactively). For a list of options, see rdoc/rdoc.rb. By default, output will be stored in a directory called doc below the current directory, so make sure you're somewhere writable before invoking.

Throws: RDocError on error